PhotoBar_Carmen2Dr. Carmen Cawley worked in a small mission church with her Mother when young and her experiences created a desire to help others. She attended Baylor University where she was awarded top Pre-Med student her freshman year and graduated with an English degree.  Medical school and residency in Internal Medicine were completed at U.T.H.S.C.S.A. She has participated and led medical mission trips to Mexico and to underserved areas along the Texas border, and looks forward to having more time to dedicate to medical missions in the future.

Dr. Cawley is a board certified Internal Medicine Physician who served on the clinical faculty of University of Texas Health Science Center for 14 years where she enjoyed teaching medical students, working as a medicine consultant for the Family Practice Division from 1994-97, then as a clinician in the General Medicine Division.  In 2000, she was recruited to be the first medical director of the Adult Medicine clinic at the Texas Diabetes Institute where she enjoyed working for 8 years under Dr. Ralph DeFronzo and Dr. Charles Reasner, two of the top diabetes experts in the country. In 2008, she was awarded Physician of the Year at the Texas Diabetes Institute. At the ceremony, she summarized her philosophy of practicing medicine–”treat every patient the way that you would want to be treated.”  From 2008-2009, she provided primary care for our nation’s finest, the injured veterans on the Spinal Cord Unit of the Audie L. Murphy V.A. Hospital.  After leaving ALMMVAH in September 2009, she has been in private practices in northeast San Antonio and in Stone Oak.  She started her own private practice, Sage Medicine, in October of 2012.

Carmen Cawley is married and has two sons. She is blessed with a supportive husband, Steve, who is a great cook, computer expert among other talents.  Matthew is a graduate of U.T. Austin with a Masters degree in Computer Science. He now works at Amazon in Seattle, WA.  David is a student at U.T. Austin majoring in Biomedical Engineering and is Vice President of the U.T. a capella group Songhorn Singers.  Her two dogs, Ginger and Scruffy, insist on walking with Dr. Cawley in her neighborhood daily.

In fact, Dr. Cawley insists that all her patients exercise daily as there is no single health habit that can benefit one’s mood, memory, weight, heart, vascular, lung, gastrointestinal, and bone health as much as exercise.  Keeping patients healthy, happy and living their lives to the fullest is the focus of her clinic.  Key to this is the proper diagnosis and treatment of disease processes. In an effort to find more solutions to health problems, Dr. Cawley remains open-minded to new ideas and education.  Communication is key and her goal to make patients feel comfortable sharing all of their health concerns with her and in turn to share the latest health research and treatment ideas with them.


Dr. Jeffrey Munoz is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who was born and raised in San Antonio.  He completed his undergraduate work at UTSA earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology.  He went on to complete medical school at UT Health Medical School in San Antonio, where he also completed residency training in Family Medicine.

After residency training in 1998, Dr. Munoz joined Community Medicine Associates as a primary care physician and cared for patients in the University Family Health Center in southwest San Antonio for five years.  He then joined Texas MedClinic in San Antonio in where he practiced urgent care and occupational medicine for 14 years.  He has returned to primary care with Sage Medicine continuing his passion in medicine in helping and caring for patients in their journey of improving, restoring and maintaining optimal health.

When he is not caring for patients or studying, he spends most of his time with his wife and daughter.  He enjoys cooking and has become an avid cook trying and developing recipes of various dishes of clean whole food cooking.  In his cooking adventures, he has learned many different diet types including Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, autoimmune protocol, and many others.  Through the years, Dr. Munoz has learned the importance of food in maintaining health in himself and his family as well as the patients he cares for.  One of his primary goals in medicine is to educate patients of the importance of dietary choices in optimizing their health.  One of his favorite quotes from Hippocrates tells how this important fact of health was known 2400 years ago:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Knowing the importance of food, as well as exercise and many other factors that impacts our health, Dr. Munoz has shifted his paradigm of his approach to patients.  He has taken a special interest in preventative medicine in helping patients to prevent disease to avoid chronic illness.   He has completed specialized courses in evaluating and treating patients by seeking out and treating the root cause or causes of their ailments.  With this approach, patients may be able to avoid chronic illnesses, medications, and in some cases, even surgery.

As he continues to learn and expand his knowledge and experience in medicine, Dr. Munoz is looking forward to helping each patient achieve their best health possible.