Communicating with Sage Medicine

Administration, bank transactions, waiting list, lab invoices, general complaints, questions, or concerns should be addressed to Cindy, our Office Manager.

Clinical questions regarding medication, recent symptoms or illness or questions for Dr. Cawley should be addressed to Kourtnie, Clinical Supervisor. She will get all pertinent information to relay to Dr. Cawley then get back to you. This is the timeliest way for you to communicate with Dr. Cawley in between office visits. Clarissa, Medical Assistant, can also assist with some of these questions and you will start receiving calls from her for various clinical updates.

Kourtnie does not call every patient to let them know the refills have been submitted. Please wait 24 hours from your request and call your pharmacy to verify if refill has been submitted prior to calling Kourtnie back.

Billing, balances on your patient or PHC account, lab ordering, scheduling and other miscellaneous questions can be asked to Cj, Billing and Patient Accounts Specialist.

Appointment scheduling, rescheduling and insurance verification questions can be asked of Lucy, Front Desk Coordinator.

Dr. Cawley sends portal messages and/or will have us reach out personally to let you know most testing results, and courtesy notifications on labs drawn, mammogram and bone density reports, imaging results from other physicians etc. You can send messages through your patient portal. This is an easy way for you to ask simple questions to Dr. Cawley and request refills. This can be done by replying to a message in your patient portal inbox.

Please note that extensive questions will often require a visit. Dr. Cawley will need to speak to you in person to give complex answers to complex questions. We will inform you which cases warrant a visit.

Sage Medicine has a Quest phlebotomist in house that ONLY draws Dr. Cawley ordered labs for Sage Medicine patients. This service is on a walk-in basis, so no appointment is necessary. Labs are drawn Monday through Friday mornings 8:00am to 11:00am and Monday through Thursday afternoons 1:00pm through 4:00pm. Holidays excluded.

Sage Medicine has an “on call” service that will answer the phone after hours and on weekends.  This service is provided for patients to be able to have access to Dr. Cawley for emergencies when the office is closed.  There are many health issues that simply cannot be addressed on the phone, and we request that patients with non-urgent issues call during office hours.  The call service will not connect you directly to anyone. They have protocols from Dr. Cawley to follow. They will send messages either to our office or to Dr. Cawley directly if there is an emergency.

Upper respiratory calls and acute UTI calls will be addressed the following business day. Should you feel the need to seek treatment sooner than that, Dr. Cawley recommends going to an urgent care or ER clinic. Exceptions to this are COVID positive and Influenza positive patients. You will be treated for these as soon as possible as the treatment is contingent on receiving medication(s) in the first few days.

Please be aware this is not a replacement or comparable to the 911 system in place. If you are ever in need of immediate medical attention, please call 911.