Personalized Healthcare

Personalized Healthcare is a new program at Sage Medicine that will allow us to continue providing the care that you deserve and have come to expect. This program limits the number of patients that Dr. Cawley sees so that she can continue to provide a higher level of care, for a small annual fee. This fee provides the following benefits:

Personalized healthcare in a relaxed setting

Sage limits the number of patients seen by Dr. Cawley so that she will not be rushed to complete appointments. Our staff gets to know all of our members and provides efficient, friendly care.

Same or next day unhurried appointments

Although we have scheduled appointments for ongoing care, when one of our members is ill, we will schedule a same or next day appointment.

24 hour turnaround on refills

We will call in refills on the same or the next day.

Comprehensive executive physical exams integrated with functional medicine principles to determine root causes of disease

Dr. Cawley is a Fellow in the American College of Physicians, has been the medical director at the Texas Diabetes Institute primary care clinic, and she also has a great interest in functional medicine principles. This means that she can get to the root of your disease and she has the medical training to understand the disease, and a strong desire to partner with her patients to heal or alleviate illness and provide optimal healthcare.

Extended physician availability/accessibility and improved communication.  

Dr. Cawley is available for emergencies 24 hours a day through her answering service. If a member calls with an urgent matter before 3 p.m. our experienced staff will call you back on the same day.

Access to digital healthcare information resources

Our Healow patient portal is accessible 24 hours a day and includes your medical history, labs, and other tests. Your membership also includes a newsletter emailed 3 times a year which provides you with Dr. Cawley’s analysis of current health trends.

Expedited approvals and authorizations for medication, supplies, and other ancillary services

Many offices now charge patients for the service of getting approvals from insurance companies, filling out simple forms such as FMLA, jury duty, emotional support animal, and work excuses. If you are a member of our Personalized Healthcare program, these charges are waived.

Reduced outside specialist visits

Dr. Cawley’s depth of knowledge of internal medicine, endocrine, diabetes, and functional medicine lets her understand what drives an illness without having to refer patients to outside experts. However, as shown below, she knows all of the best specialists if needed.

Coordination of care with specialists and other ancillary providers

Dr. Cawley trained here and has spent her whole career here. Because of this, she knows all of the best specialists in the city; and being an independent practice, she can refer patients to whoever is the best specialist for the condition.

Timely referral coordination

Our staff will get referrals completed for our members as quickly as possible.

Active collaboration with physicians involved in hospital care

Dr. Cawley will actively communicate with hospitalists to make sure they know of our patient’s special needs. We utilize Innoble Hospitalist group for our patients when they visit Methodist, Baptist and Santa Rosa hospitals. She also has hospital privileges at Baptist and Methodist hospital systems to provide back-up hospital support if needed.

Valued savings on supplements available in office or online link

Sage Medicine has a collection of important supplements that are available to our members at discounted prices. We also have a link available that allows a member to order from the company directly if a patient is unable to come into the office to purchase their supplements.

Unlimited Billing Support

Our staff can work with your insurance company to resolve billing problems.

Patient responsibility

Dr. Cawley invests a lot of time in educating patients about disease processes and prevention.  In return, she does not expect patients to be perfect in their compliance but to make progress as they commit themselves to healthier lifestyle choices and better medical management as well.  If patients are unwilling to make any lifestyle changes, take any necessary supplements or necessary medicines when deemed necessary for long-term health then another physician might be more appropriate for their care and we would not recommend paying for this program.  Dismissal from the program may be necessary if there is a pattern of noncompliance with most suggestions, or multiple missed appointments.