Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dr. Cawley changing her practice?

Dr. Cawley cares about the welfare of all of her patients. But the current state of medicine has increased costs that require Dr. Cawley to see more patients in a day and spend less time with each patient than she believes is beneficial. This new program reduces Dr. Cawley’s patient load, allowing her to give more and improved personalized attention to each patient. She believes this will result in a better physician-patient relationship and improved experience for each patient.

Can I still be a patient without joining the Personalized Healthcare program?

All of Dr. Cawley’s patients must be enrolled in the new program after January 1, 2021. We seek to provide all of our patients the enhanced care that this new program allows and that we think each patient deserves. Without enrollment in the new program, we will not be able to carry out that goal because of the logistics of limited time and resources.
Additionally, both insurance contracts and health care regulations prohibit us from providing our patients unequal treatment.

Do I have to pay the entire fee upfront?

We do require the entire payment to ensure your place in the new practice.

Please note that we will accept major credit cards for payments,
but each patient may be responsible for any credit card fees. [The annual program fee may also be subject to annual adjustment which we will notify you of 30 days in advance]

What benefits does the program provide?

The annual fee covers additional services that Dr. Cawley believes allow patients to have a better medical healthcare experience: you will be able to schedule appointments without lengthy delays, you will have extended, unrushed visits with Dr. Cawley to discuss more matters and
concerns, and Dr. Cawley will be able to provide additional medical care options such as annual in-depth physicals that Medicare and insurance usually do not pay for, including the integration of functional medicine principles to determine root causes of disease. Please see this page for more information:

I’m on Medicare, do I pay the fee?

Sage had intended to waive the fee for Medicare patients, however legal counsel advised that the federal government frowns on a medical practice incentivizing Medicare patients to join their practice. So, although we had thought we could waive the fee for Medicare patients, we are unable to do so.

Can I use my Health Savings Account to pay for the Membership Fee?

Unfortunately, at this time the Federal Government does not allow Membership Fees to be paid from your HSA. However, you can pay for any fees at Sage Medicine with your HSA.